Speedy Tuesday - A Speedmaster Professional 145.022-71 Non-NASA (and Original)Speedmaster Professional 145.022 CasebacksWhen you appear around this Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022-71, there is nothing strange to begin with sight. Only a very 'ordinary' Speedmaster Professional post-Moon. Dial, bezel, hands and bracelet, all correct. Actually, it's very an excellent example of a Speedmaster Professional 145. jacob watches 022-71. Inside our Speedmaster 145.022 buyer's guide, we give away some specifics within this reference.However, going through the back on this Speedmaster Professional 145.022-71, we come across something awkward. A clear caseback, without having inscription. But wait a few minutes, somehow, there are several casebacks for your 145.022, with and without inscription. True, but:Not like this specific casebackThe 145.022-71 ought to have the "Flight-Qualified" - inscription whereas the 145.022-69 comes in several variations.As we discussed, the watch includes a plain non-NASA caseback. It does provide the beautiful sea-horse and 'Speedmaster' writing, but no inscription like the "First Watch Worn around the Moon" or "Flight-Qualified by NASA for many Manned Space Missions" ones. In fact, it seems just like the caseback of the Speedmaster'57 Replica reference 3594.50. But it truly is a caseback that belongs on the 1971 production reference. Whenever we keep an eye on, by opening the watch and skim the interior of the caseback, we percieve these :Non-NASA Caseback - An ExplanationSo exactly what is the story behind this caseback. In case you glance at the image above, you might just see 145022-71 ST in addition to the HF (Huguenin Freres, the creation of the way it is) plus some other stamps. Making this - again - not the caseback with the Speedmaster'57 Replica reference 3594.50 with the late 1990s or even the Speedmaster Pro Moonphase label of the 1980s (reference 345.0809).Speedmaster Reference 3594.50 caseback with the 1990sAccording to Moonwatch Only, the reference book on Speedmasters, these Speedmaster Professional 145.022-71 casebacks without the need of inscription are known, and could be dated to 1971 and 1972, however the reason is (at the least during the time of printing) unknown for them.The reason from former NASA engineer Jim Ragan (in the Q&A session on the Speedy Tuesday Event of October 28th) is niagra empty caseback would be the results of the next:When Omega thought we would put the inscription "Flight-Qualified by NASA for everyone manned space missions" within the casebacks, rather than "First Watch Worn around the Moon" straight-text inscription, this would have to be approved by NASA's Public Affairs at the time. Since there was some delay in this approval process, mens watch boxes Omega has released some 145.022-71 casebacks with no inscription in any way. So for any very short period, it is been completed with this kind of reference.So, now that you've learned. Once you find a vintage Speedmaster Professional without the need of inscription, watches don't put it away as 'frankenwatch' as of this time. Have the watch opened and look for your inscriptions (145.022-71) on the inside.This watch is currently available for purchase via Roy & Sacha Davidoff in Geneva. Thank you very much to them for allowing us to adopt pictures of this watch.Good hunting! replica breitling navitimer tourbillon watches
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